Two Publications Available:
1. "Drifters" Book
2. "Drifters" Catalogue (Venice Exhibit 2009)

Pam Longobardi "Drifters"
Published by Edizione Charta (Milan, NY)
96 pages, 68 illustrations including 64 in color.  
Texts by Carl Safina, Dores Sacquegna, Ron Broglio and Pam Longobardi. Printed in Italy.  $29.95

Advance copies available, signed by the artist

Advance copy price:  $25.00

"These Fragments - combs that have lost their teeth, battered toys that look like gnawed bones, discarded flip-flops, and mangled toothbrushes - were all heavy with rabid meaning.

She began by documenting the site with photographs and carrying out duffel bags filled with the plastic debris, intending to create art with what she found.  Its the dangerous, degrading aspect of plastic that powers Longobard's work, the crushing devastation hidden inside its gaudy allure."
-Suzi Gablik, 2009

"Longobardi's work is no mere attempt at creating pretty decoration from found objects. Her work is witness, and in it we share. She gives us a wakeup call, a call to action, a call for change. Her work is art. And the work that art must do is to steer our attention into the path of the oncoming truth. As you’re about to see."  
-Carl Safina, 2009

"Longobardi, with sensitivity, has transformed this ‘property left at death’ into a kind of organic architecture, capable of promoting new harmony between man and nature by reconstructing a balance between the natural and built environment."  
-Dores Sacquegna, 2009

"Drifters" Pam Longobardi Artist Catalog (2009)
Sculptural catalog designed by gdloft of Philadelphia to accompany the Panthalassa exhibition in Venice, Italy, September 2009, part of the Art Visivi collateral events during the 2009 Venice Biennale.

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Price:  $7.00